Cherry Delight #10: Made in Japan by Glen Chase

Cherry Delight #10: Made in Japan by Glen Chase

Made in Japan” by Glen Chase is a thriller starring Cherry Delight, who is the main character in a series of  thrillers written in the early 1970’s. In “Made in Japan”, Cherry Delight is a secret operative for N.Y.M.P.H.O (the New York Mafia Prosecution and Harassment Organization). Her mission in the novel involves traveling to  Japan to track down some Yakuza gangsters who are operating both in Japan and New York.

Somewhat like a novel by James Clavell, “Made in Japan” has more than just action and adventure; the author actually made a point of trying to integrate some Japanese culture into the story-line and seems to have done at least a little research into the Japanese language and a few of the cultural traditions.

It would definitely be a mistake to expect too much cultural information from the book. “Made in Japan” does do the thriller genre justice, but isn’t by any stretch of the imagination something that could actually be considered as high literature.  If anything, “Cherry Delight” is one of the rare books that can definitely be judged by its cover.

The book actually reminded me a little bit of Quentin Tarantino’s “Kill Bill” for the simple fact that both contain ass-kicking women who are not afraid to mess with the Japanese Yakuza, which is normally not advisable under usual circumstances. Aside from the obvious fact that Tarantino is a veritable genius and the author of “Cherry Delight: Made in Japan” is not, the main difference between the two is that the film contains much more violence and “Cherry Delight” has more sex.

The book stuck to the genre, which made it predictable, but never boring and none of the book’s shortcomings took away my favorable impression of Cherry Delight’s skill in the martial arts. To get an idea of Cherry Delight’s bad-ass capabilities, here’s an excerpt from her first-person narrative of a particularly violent scene:

“My flat hands broke eardrums and killed instantly. My first two fingers of each hand stabbed for bulging eyes.”

Obviously, despite having the name of a stripper and working for an organization named NYMPHO, and the ludicrous picture of her on the front cover (of my personal copy) wearing a red bikini, matching red boots, and a  brandishing a revolver, Cherry Delight is quite a force to be reckoned with. Her skill as a agent can be partially attributed to the afore-mentioned ass-kicking abilities and partially to her knowledge of the Japanese language and culture.