The Path to Stephen King's Dark Tower

The Path to Stephen King's Dark Tower

Dark Tower III: The Wastelands

The Wastelands. In this third installment to “The Dark Tower” epic, we pick five weeks after the second book “The Drawing of the Three.”

Our Ka-Tet Roland, Susannah and Eddie have moved from the western sea and into the woods where they encounter a giant cyborg bear named Shardik. He is one of the six guardians of the “beams” that hold the world together. They decide to follow the beam towards Mid-World towards the Tower.

Since killing the man responsible for the death of Jake Chambers and the injury of Susannah, Jack Mort; Roland had inadvertently changed the history of himself and Jake. Both begin to suffer from a form of schizophrenia due to the time shift; Roland in Mid-world and Jake in his New York 1977. Because of this time shift, Jake was never killed and “pushed” into Mid-world and never met Roland.

After Roland burns the jawbone of Walter, it is revealed to Eddie that he must carve a key that will open the door to Jake’s New York 1977, so that Jake can be “drawn” from his world to join their ka-tet.

In Jake’s world, he has a nervous breakdown and leaves his school and buys a children’s book called “Charlie the Choo-Choo” from a used book store. He then finds a key in a vacant lot that is littered with junk and he sees a single red rose growing in the middle of it.

Jake takes the key to a reputed haunted house on Dutch Hill and after almost losing his life, he uses the key to open a door into Mid-World where he ends up in a “speaking ring.” Susannah has sex with the demon from the speaking ring in order to stop it from attacking her husband, Eddie.

With Jake and Roland reunited, they both recover from their schizophrenia. They begin to travel the beam again and a creature that is called a “billy-bumbler” joins them. His name is Oy, and he is an amalgamation of a raccoon, a dog and a badger. He is intelligent and can speak to a certain degree. Oy befriends Jake and the ka-tet end up in the city of Lud. Lud is very similar to New York City, only it is mostly in ruins and inhabited by a people that are constantly at war.

The leader of one of the warring factions kidnaps Jake. His name is the Tick Tock Man. Jake shoots the Tick Tock Man and the ka-tet is once again reunited. They jump on a sentient talking monorail to escape the coming destruction of Lud.

The monorail introduces itself as “Blaine” and the group suddenly realizes that Blaine is insane in the membrane. The monorail then tells them that if they cannot beat him in a riddle contest, he will derail and kill himself and all aboard. During which time, they pass through the wastelands, a blasted land filled with mutated people and animals.

Their final destination? Death or Topeka, Kansas?