Path to Stephen King's The Dark Tower

Path to Stephen King's The Dark Tower

The Eyes of The Dragon

The Eyes Of The Dragon. Stephen King takes us on a different path through Mid-World in a kingdom known as Delain. The Kingdom is spoken of in another short story of the Dark Tower series: “Little Sisters of Eluria.”

Told in narrative much like a fairy tale in a voice that only Stephen can convey. Delain is ruled by King Roland, who in his younger days gained recognition as a master dragon slayer. Now in his advanced age, without a queen, he seeks the hand of Sasha in marriage to give his kingdom of Delain an heir.

Peter is the first born son and is loved by all except one; the King’s advisor, a sorcerer by the name of Flagg. Flagg’s goal is to rule Delain and realizes his plans are thwarted with the birth of Peter and he plots a way to remove Peter from his birthright.

Queen Sasha gives birth to another son, Thomas. Flagg seizes this opportunity and quickly befriends the second born and takes him under his wing. Unbeknown to the rest of the kingdom, Flagg has influenced the Queen’s midwife to cut her so that when she gave birth to Thomas, she bled to death.

Peter, who regularly brings his father a glass of wine every night, gets framed by Flagg who poisons the wine setting up Peter for his father’s murder. Unbeknownst to Flagg, Thomas has witnessed the entire treachery in a secret passageway that leads to a peephole behind the mounted head of the dragon his father slain.

Thomas becomes king at the age of 12, and because of his inexperience and young age, he allows Flagg to wield much of the power. His brother Peter, on the other hand, is locked up in “the Needle,” the highest tower in the middle of the kingdom.

Peter makes a strange request to the Judge: he asks for his mother’s dollhouse and a napkin with every meal. The Judge grants his peculiar wish and Peter uses the miniature loom in the dollhouse and the thread from the napkins to make a rope.

He escapes and with the help of friends he goes after Flagg to expose him for the demon that he really is.

The Dark Tower connections involve:

King Roland of Delain: The gunslinger Roland Deschain.

Delain: A Kingdom located in Mid-World and spoken of briefly in “Little Sisters of Eluria” as a land of liars.

Flagg: Randall Flagg/Walter O’Dim who was advisor to Roland’s father Stephen Deschain of Gilead.

Thomas and his friend Dennis: They were mentioned as to have met with Roland Deschain in Dark Tower 2: the Drawing of the Three.