The Path to Stephen King's The Dark Tower


Insomnia. Welcome back to the quaint city of Derry, Maine. A place where ancient beings feed on children in the form of a clown, a place where the Crimson King reigns supreme, and for Ralph Roberts; a place where he can’t get any sleep.

Ralph suffers from insomnia, and as his condition worsens he begins to see things that the waking world cannot. He begins to see auras, different planes of reality, and most frightening: he sees what he calls “the little bald doctors.” There are three of them; two of them are good which he names “Clotho” and “Lachesis.” They are the ones who have induced his insomnia to help them thwart the minions of The Crimson King. It is also their job to take people when they die.The third “doctor” is named “Atropos” and he is evil. He helps the Crimson King by taking people out earlier than when they are supposed to go.

Ralph also sees that his girlfriend Lois also suffers from insomnia and together they try to stop The Crimson King’s influence over the people of Derry. He is trying to kill a young boy named Patrick Danville who is an apparent threat to The Crimson King taking down The Dark Tower.

Ralph comes face to face with Atropos when he is trying to thwart him. Ralph overcomes him and then Atropos shows him a grim future for a neighbors daughter, Natalie Deepneau. Ralph then makes an arrangement Clotho and Lachesis to take his life instead of hers.

Natalie’s father, Ed, falls under the influence of the Crimson King and tries to crash a light plane full of explosives into the Derry Civic Center during a Pro-Choice rally. This rally is attended by a young Patrick Danville, a gifted boy who stands between The Crimson King and the Dark Tower. According to prophecy, Danville cannot be killed by anyone that serves either “The Random” or “The Purpose,” which Deepneau is neither.

Ralph defeats the Crimson King however, and causes Ed to crash the plane in the parking lot instead. Danville is saved and goes on to fulfill his purpose in The Dark Tower.

The story ends with Ralph’s arrangement fulfilled when Natalie is almost hit by an oncoming car and Ralph pushes her out of the way and is killed. But at least, Ralph is able to rest now.

The book was published with two different covers to show the war between “the white” and “The Crimson King.”

The path to Stephen King's The Dark Tower

The Wind Through the Keyhole

The Wind Through The Keyhole. This was published after all the Dark Tower books were released and is set between “Wizard and Glass” (Dark Tower IV) and “Wolves of the Calla” (Dark Tower V). As with “Wizard and Glass”-this addition is “a story within a story within a story” and has been labeled “The Dark Tower 4.5."

Roland, Susannah, Eddie, Jake and Oy arrive at a river and an old timer who runs the ferry across feeds them and takes them to the other side. He warns them of a coming “starkblast” which Oy has been sensing since the very beginning of the book. It is a violent storm that will kill whatever is exposed to it’s chill.

They find shelter in a building just up the road and as they secure their location and “hunker down”, Roland begins a tale of when he was a young gunslinger.

The Skin Man” storyline: Roland and his friend Jamie DeCurry are sent out by his father to the town of Debaria on a mission to capture a skin-man; a being that can transform into any creature it wants. It is ravaging the town and help was requested by the town sheriff Hugh Peavy.

Their train derails outside the town of Serenity, an Amazonian community of women where his mother went for her mental breakdown following her affair with Marten Broadcloak (aka Randall Flagg). After they fill them in on attacks that happened to them, Roland and Jamie head to Debaria.

After meeting with Sheriff Peavy and investigating the attacks that have happened previous to their arrival, they come to the conclusion that it must be a salt miner from the nearby village. A local farm is attacked by the skin man that night and the only survivor is a young boy named Bill who is now orphaned. Bill, under hypnosis by Roland, says he saw the skin man change back into his human form but only caught a glimpse of his feet and a small blue circle tattoo.

Roland sends Jamie to round up all the salt miners and have them come to the Debaria jail where he will walk each one past Bill to identify. Bill is scared that he’ll be killed for identifying the skin man, so Roland tells him the story of “The Wind Through the Keyhole”.

The Wind Through the Keyhole” arc: Tim Ross is a boy who is scared of the annual collection of property taxes by The Covenant Man. His dad was killed by a dragon in the woods, so his mother fearing poverty, marries his dad’s best friend Bern Kells.

Kells is a mean drunk who abuses Tim and his mom. When the Covenant Man comes to his door to collect taxes, he whispers to Tim to meet him in the woods later. It is the meeting in the woods that the Covenant Man reveals that his dad was not killed by a dragon but by his best friend Kells. At that same moment, Kells is beating Tim’s mom until she goes blind. The Covenant Man tells Tim (via telepathy)if he comes back into the woods to meet him, he’ll give him magic to make his mother see again. Sensing a trap, Tim arms himself with a gun he acquires from a teacher and heads into the woods. He is mislead by an evil fairy named Armaneeta who almost gets him killed by a dragon and other swamp creatures. Thanks to his gun and friendly swamp dwellers, Tim narrowly escapes. The swamp give him a small mechanical talking device(GPS) from “the Old People” that helps guide him to his destination. Tim ends up at a Dogan where he finds a caged Tyger that has a key to the Dogan around it’s neck. A starkblast comes suddenly out of nowhere and so Tim befriends the Tyger and lets it out of the cage. They shelter themselves with a magic blanket. When the storm passes it is revealed that the Tyger is actually Maerlyn the white magician who was trapped as a Tyger by black magic. Maerlyn gives Tim a potion to cure his mother’s blindness and in turn, his mother kills Kells with an axe. THE END.

At the end of this story, Jamie comes back with the murder suspects. Bill identifies one of the salt miners as the skin man because of his tattoo. The skin man turns into a snake and kills a couple of people around him until he is shot in the head by Roland who used a silver bullet. This story ends with Roland and Jamie leaving through Serenity where the women adopt Bill and give Roland a letter left by his mother long ago stating she forgave him for accidentally killing her.

Now, the adult Roland realizes they’ve ridden out the starkblast and they pack their things up and head towards The Dark Tower.

The path to Stephen King's The Dark Tower

Wizard and Glass

Wizard and Glass. This installation of the Dark Tower series picks up where “The Waste Lands” left off.  Our heroes are headed to oblivion aboard the insane monorail “Blaine the Mono” who has been taking them for several miles to the Topeka Railway Station and has promised to jump the rails if they cannot beat him at a riddles game. Eddie Dean defeats Blaine by asking children’s riddles which drives Blaine to short circuit because they are illogical riddles.

Arriving at the Topeka Railway Station, they find they are in a deserted Topeka, Kansas that has been devastated by what they find to be a super flu. They find many clues which lead us to believe that this world has been devastated by the events of Stephen King’s other novel The Stand. Other references to “The Stand” included cryptic messages graffitti’d on the turnpike signs “Watch out for the Walkin’ Dude” which is an alias for Randall Flagg.

They leave Topeka and camp out near a worm hole which Roland calls “a thinny.” Where the barrier between worlds is thin. While camped there, Roland tells his new friends about his first encounter with a thinny, which is a backstory about his youth.

At age 14, Roland earns his guns and becomes the youngest gunslinger in history. He is angered when he discovers his mother having an affair with his father’s trusted advisor Marten Broadcloak (another Randall Flagg alias). He then challenges his instructor, Cort, to a duel to earn his guns early. He wins his guns and his father sends him east of Gilead to the Barony of Mejis. He travels with his friends Cuthbert Algood and Alain Johns.

He ends up falling in love with Susan Delgado, a woman promised to be married to the mayor of Mejis, Thorin. Despite a rift that grows between Roland and his friend Cuthbert because of his love for Susan; they discover a plot against his father by “The Good Man” John Farson and a faction from the elite of Mejis. The band of young gunslingers is set up for the murder of Thorin and end up in jail.

Susan helps them escape and they have a shoot out in Eyebolt Canyon with Farson and his rebels. They are forced into a thinny where they perish. They also capture a pink glove called “Maerlyn’s Grapefruit”. Stolen from the town witch, Rhea of the Coos, Roland see’s visions of Susan’s demise and his own pointless future.  As Susan’s demise plays out, Roland’s story ends.

The group awakens the next day, Roland and his new band of gunslingers make their way to Emerald City, parallel to that of the Wizard of Oz. The “Wizard” is none other than Marten Broadcloak and Roland takes a shot at him and misses because Marten (aka Randall Flagg) curses his guns to misfire when shooting at him. As Flagg flees he leaves Maerlyn’s Grapefruit which shows them how Roland accidentally killed his own mother and how Roland is bad luck to anyone he comes close to. However, Eddie Dean, Susannah Dean, Jake Chambers and Oy the Billybumbler; decide to stick with Roland on his quest for the Dark Tower no matter what the cost.

The Path to Stephen King's The Dark Tower

The Mist

The Mist. This novella by Stephen King was first published in the horror anthology “Dark Forces” and then in edited form in his collected works “Skeleton Crew.” A film by Frank Darabount was adapted from the story and the story was re-released as a stand alone book.

In the small town of Bridgton, Maine; a not-so-secret military research facility called “Arrowhead” rips open a hole between our world and another causing a damaging thunderstorm. The next morning David Drayton and his son travel into town with their neighbor Norton to get supplies.

The power has been knocked out and the residents seem skittish. Sirens are going off and emergency vehicles are rushing off to some unknown emergency. While in the grocery store, a mist envelops the town and the people become alarmed when someone comes screaming into the grocery store saying there is something in the mist.

Soon, large insects begin flying from the mist and into the front windows and a large dinosaur like bird picks them off the window and breaks through and kills one of the patrons. In back, a small group of men investigate a clog in the exhaust of the stores generator when a swarm of tentacles with mouths for suckers engulf one of them and drag him out into the mist.

The group reports back to the rest and they think David is lying about it trying to cause panic. Led by his neighbor Norton, a faction goes out into the mist to get to their cars. They are killed by an unseen creature. Another group goes to the pharmacy next door and they are attacked by spider –like creatures that shoot acidic webs killing 3 of the group.

When the survivors get back to the grocery, town religious zealot Mrs. Carmody has pulled together a makeshift cult believing it is the end times and they will survive if they sacrifice David Draytons son to God to appease Him. As her followers surround him, someone shoots Mrs. Carmody and the cult disbands. David, his son, and a few others make a break for an SUV out in the parking lot. Something like a giant “lobstrocity” kills one of them before they reach the vehicle.

As they drive away they encounter a creature so large they cannot see the top of it, only its legs. David Drayton scans the radio as they drive through mist covered Maine until he hears a single word: “Hartford.”

The film ends differently and more horribly than the book, but has received the Stephen King stamp of approval.

While not meant as a direct link to “The Dark Tower” series, it is mentioned in the Dark Tower about “thin spots” or “Thinnies” that are occurring because of the breaking of the “Beams” holding the Tower up. These thin spots are said to release a mist followed by the unleashing of creatures/monsters who inhabit the “todash” spaces. These creatures and thinnies are mentioned throughout “The Dark Tower” series as well as “From A Buick 8”, “Black House”, “Ur”, and “Jerusalem’s Lot”. The character of Mrs. Carmody is very similar to Sylvia Pittston who is also a religious zealot who was impreganated by the man in black and turns the townspeople of Tull against Roland mentioned in the book “The Dark Tower I: The Gunslinger”.

The Path to Stephen King's The Dark Tower

The Talisman by Stephen King and Peter Straub

The Talisman. This collaborative work by Stephen King and Peter Straub was never meant to be part of “The Dark Tower” mythos when first published in 1984. But because of the parallels between this world and that of Mid-world it eventually made itself a “Dark Tower Connection.” The main connection in this story is with King’s short “Dark Tower” story “Little Sisters of Eluria.

Jack Sawyer is the 12-year-old son of “Queen of the B-Movies,” Lily Cavanaugh. His father died under mysterious circumstances and he is left to care for his ailing mom who is battling cancer. They are holed up in the old Alhambra Hotel by the sea in New Hampshire.  While walking the boardwalk of Arcadia Beach he meets up with the mysterious “Speedy” Parker.

Speedy tells Jack about a crystal talisman that could cure and save his mother, but he needs to go to the west coast. He teaches Jack how to “flip” into a parallel world where things are much smaller but more dangerous. Jack uses this skill to make it to the west coast faster.

The parallel United States is known as “The Territories.” There everyone has a twin or a “twinner,” except for Jack because his twinner died at birth. His mother’s twinner is the Queen of the Territories and she is also sick and he learns he must save her too.

Throughout his journey to get the talisman, he befriends a werewolf known simply as “wolf.” They make their way across the United States/Territories trying out stop his father’s ex-business partner Morgan Sloat from taking over his father’s business /mother’s kingdom. They make some friends and some awful enemies. They find their way imprisoned in a home for wayward boys and escape. They are chased by werewolves that work for Morgan; and Wolf makes a final sacrifice to save Jack’s life.

Jack finally makes it to the Agincourt Hotel in Point Venuti in California. In the Territories, the hotel is a dilapidated black castle. The Agincourt shifts in appearance and Jack learns that there are more worlds than just the Territories and his world. But can he get the talisman and return with it in time to save his mother and the Queen?

The connection with the Dark Tower series: The tent hospital from “The Little Sisters of Eluria” is where the Queen is resting to be healed. The language of the Territories is very similar to that of Mid-World. “Speedy” Parker/Parkus, is a gunslinger. Morgan Sloat/Morgan of Oriss uses a key to open a “thinny” or thin spot in reality to go from one universe to another. “The Blasted Lands” are very similar to “The Wastelands.

The Path to Stephen King's Dark Tower

Dark Tower III: The Wastelands

The Wastelands. In this third installment to “The Dark Tower” epic, we pick five weeks after the second book “The Drawing of the Three.”

Our Ka-Tet Roland, Susannah and Eddie have moved from the western sea and into the woods where they encounter a giant cyborg bear named Shardik. He is one of the six guardians of the “beams” that hold the world together. They decide to follow the beam towards Mid-World towards the Tower.

Since killing the man responsible for the death of Jake Chambers and the injury of Susannah, Jack Mort; Roland had inadvertently changed the history of himself and Jake. Both begin to suffer from a form of schizophrenia due to the time shift; Roland in Mid-world and Jake in his New York 1977. Because of this time shift, Jake was never killed and “pushed” into Mid-world and never met Roland.

After Roland burns the jawbone of Walter, it is revealed to Eddie that he must carve a key that will open the door to Jake’s New York 1977, so that Jake can be “drawn” from his world to join their ka-tet.

In Jake’s world, he has a nervous breakdown and leaves his school and buys a children’s book called “Charlie the Choo-Choo” from a used book store. He then finds a key in a vacant lot that is littered with junk and he sees a single red rose growing in the middle of it.

Jake takes the key to a reputed haunted house on Dutch Hill and after almost losing his life, he uses the key to open a door into Mid-World where he ends up in a “speaking ring.” Susannah has sex with the demon from the speaking ring in order to stop it from attacking her husband, Eddie.

With Jake and Roland reunited, they both recover from their schizophrenia. They begin to travel the beam again and a creature that is called a “billy-bumbler” joins them. His name is Oy, and he is an amalgamation of a raccoon, a dog and a badger. He is intelligent and can speak to a certain degree. Oy befriends Jake and the ka-tet end up in the city of Lud. Lud is very similar to New York City, only it is mostly in ruins and inhabited by a people that are constantly at war.

The leader of one of the warring factions kidnaps Jake. His name is the Tick Tock Man. Jake shoots the Tick Tock Man and the ka-tet is once again reunited. They jump on a sentient talking monorail to escape the coming destruction of Lud.

The monorail introduces itself as “Blaine” and the group suddenly realizes that Blaine is insane in the membrane. The monorail then tells them that if they cannot beat him in a riddle contest, he will derail and kill himself and all aboard. During which time, they pass through the wastelands, a blasted land filled with mutated people and animals.

Their final destination? Death or Topeka, Kansas?

The path to Stephen King's The Dark Tower

The Dark Tower II: The Drawing of the Three

The Drawing of the Three. Seven hours after the events of “The Gunslinger," Roland awakes from a dream regarding one of the Tarot cards the man in black drew for him in the first book. He finds he’s on a beach and being attacked by what he calls a “Lobstrosity,” a cross between a lobster and a scorpion. The thing bites off fingers from his shooting hand and also his big toe, rendering him unable to shoot the things.

He escapes westward and begins becoming sick from his infected wounds and also because the lobstrosities bite is poisonous. Remembering the three cards he was drawn during his palaver with Walter, the man in black, he comes upon a door in the middle of nowhere marked like one of the cards called “The Prisoner.”

He steps through the door and into the mind of a heroin addict named Eddie Dean. It is 1987 in New York City. Eddie is transporting drugs for a man named Enrico Balazar in order to save his brother Henry. Eddie becomes aware of Roland in his head and Roland convinces Eddie that the airline crew knows about the drugs he has on him. Eddie flushes them and when they land they meet up with Jack Andolini who takes them to Balazar. Angered about the drugs, Jack takes Eddie into the bathroom to check Eddie’s body; Roland then pulls both Eddie and Jack into his world through the door. Jack runs in shock and is devoured by the Lobstrosities.  Eddie and Roland return, armed, to New York City and have a gun battle with Balazar and his crew to rescue Henry. Unfortunately, Henry gets decapitated.

Having found aspirin while in Eddie’s world, Roland begins to heal. They both return to Roland’s Mid-World and walk down the beach.

Eddie begins going through withdrawal symptoms and when they get to a second door marked “Lady of Shadows,” Eddie begs Roland to let him go through to get himself a fix of heroin. Roland refuses and goes through it alone. He meets Odetta Holmes, a black woman with multiple personalities. She is missing her legs and is in the civil rights movement of 1960s New York. Her second more vile personality is Detta. They are pulled into Roland’s world as well.

The third door labeled “The Pusher” reveals a sociopath named Jack Mort. He takes pleasure in killing and injuring strangers. He is responsible for the head trauma to Odetta causing the split personalities, and also the loss of her legs. He is also the man who pushed Jake Chambers into the train that killed him. Roland kills Jack and in doing so, fuses the personalities of Odetta and Detta forming a third personality of Susannah.

Because Roland saved Eddie from his addiction, and fused together the personalities of Odetta/Detta Holmes; They both feel they owe their lives to the Gunslinger. Together they form what is called “ka-tet” meaning “One Made From Many/Sharing the Same Destiny,” and hence begins their quest for The Dark Tower.

Links to the Dark Tower Two: Randall Flagg who is the Man in Black and also the adversary in “The Stand” and “The Eyes of the Dragon.” Eddie Dean speaks about watching the motion picture “The Shining.” The mobster from “Thinner” (written as Richard Bachman) Richard Ginelli, is mentioned in this book. The Lobstrosities were also seen in the short story “The Mist.” There is also mention of a character reading a book by Clay Blaisdell. Clayton Blaisdell Jr. is the main character in the book “Blaze” (also written as Richard Bachman).

The Path To The Dark Tower

The Dark Tower I: The Gunslinger

The Dark Tower I: The Gunslinger. Inspired by the Richard Browning poem “Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came,” this is to be Stephen King’s magnum opus. He began writing the first book in 1970 and published parts of this novel in “The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction” in the early 80s.

This epic begins with Roland Deschain, last of the gunslingers of Gilead. He lives in a place that has “moved on” and is on an endless search for “the man in black” who can help him with his quest to seek the Dark Tower. Moving across the desert with his dying mule, he meets up with Brown, dust farmer who has a crow named Zoltan. They sit and speak about Roland’s past adventures leading him up to his current state; which includes the tale of how he went to the town Tull and was caught off guard by a trap set by “the man in black” and he ended up having to kill the entire town.

Roland leaves the next day, giving his dead mule to Brown to eat. He reaches a way station and meets up with a boy named Jake Chambers. Jake was pushed in front of a car and died in his own reality and he ended up here in “mid-world” yet he does not remember any of it. Roland hypnotizes him to find out the details of his death and then erases his memory of it so Jake doesn’t repeat the violence and pain of the experience.

They leave the Way Station and come to a more lush area of land. Jake gets entrapped by “the oracle”. Roland rescues him and ends up having sex with the Oracle to learn of his quest and his fate. This incident has drastic ramifications towards the middle of the series.

Jake and Roland track “the Man in Black” into a cavernous mountain which they take an ancient mining car deep into the recesses of the mountain. They are attacked by “Slow Mutants,” once human monsters mutated by radiation. After surviving the attack, they catch up to the “Man in Black”; but Jake is dangling from the tracks and Roland must choose to either rescue Jake or go after his quarry.

Jake murmurs the cryptic words “Go then, there are other worlds than these,” and letting go, falls to his death. Roland, riddled with guilt goes after “the Man in Black.” When he finally catches up to him, he reads Roland’s fortune with a pack of Tarot cards which tell him he will need to pull three people into this world in order to fulfill his quest for the Dark Tower. The cards are marked “The Sailor,” “The Prisoner,” “The Lady of Shadows,” “Death” and “The Tower.”

The Man in Black attempts to stop Roland from seeking the Dark Tower by showing him how insignificant he is in the scheme of things, but Roland relents so the “Man in Black” casts a spell to put Roland to sleep. He awakens 10 years later on the edge of the Western Sea, a skeleton beside him whom he assumes is “The Man in Black.”

The Path to Stephen King's Dark Tower

The Little Sisters of Eluria

The Little Sisters of Eluria. This short story that is a companion to The Dark Tower mythos is found in Stephen King’s Everything’s Eventual. The story has since been adapted into a graphic novelization by Marvel Comics Group and also been re-released as a novella.

The story is set just before the start of The Dark Tower I: The Gunslinger. Roland has been following the man in black Walter O’Dim across the desert. He arrives in the ghost town of Eluria which seems abandoned except for a stray dog with a peculiar crucifix shaped marking on its chest; and the body of a dead man the dog is trying to feast on. After he chases the dog away from its prize, Roland spots and takes a medallion from the corpse. Just then, he is attacked and knocked unconscious by a gang of slow mutants.

When he awakens, he finds himself suspended in the air by bandages and that he is inside a tent that is

serving as some form of infirmary. He is greeted by nuns that call themselves “The Little Sisters” and they claim to be nursing him back to health. Little bugs called “doctors” come in each night and “repair” Roland’s wounds. He notices another patient in the cot next to him, who is also suspended in bandages. That man turns out to be the brother of the corpse in Eluria.

Roland begins to suspect that all is not right with “the Sisters” from their nightly visits to the infirmary. Also, he begins to realize he is being drugged to weaken him and the medallion that he took from the corpse seems to have a repelling affect on them. One night, Roland awakens to find the Sisters bring in a Slow Mutant and has him take the medallion off of Roland’s room mate. The Mutant realizes he will be killed after he removes the medallion, he slashes the man’s neck and the Sisters ravenously feed on the dying mans blood while the mutant makes his escape.

Roland befriends the youngest member of the Sisterhood, Jenna. She wants to get out of the coven of vampiresses and so she helps him escape using her power over the “doctors.” The two fall in love, but it is short lived as when the sun rises the next day, she disintegrates into a swarm of Doctor Bugs.

Path to Stephen King's The Dark Tower

The Eyes of The Dragon

The Eyes Of The Dragon. Stephen King takes us on a different path through Mid-World in a kingdom known as Delain. The Kingdom is spoken of in another short story of the Dark Tower series: “Little Sisters of Eluria.”

Told in narrative much like a fairy tale in a voice that only Stephen can convey. Delain is ruled by King Roland, who in his younger days gained recognition as a master dragon slayer. Now in his advanced age, without a queen, he seeks the hand of Sasha in marriage to give his kingdom of Delain an heir.

Peter is the first born son and is loved by all except one; the King’s advisor, a sorcerer by the name of Flagg. Flagg’s goal is to rule Delain and realizes his plans are thwarted with the birth of Peter and he plots a way to remove Peter from his birthright.

Queen Sasha gives birth to another son, Thomas. Flagg seizes this opportunity and quickly befriends the second born and takes him under his wing. Unbeknown to the rest of the kingdom, Flagg has influenced the Queen’s midwife to cut her so that when she gave birth to Thomas, she bled to death.

Peter, who regularly brings his father a glass of wine every night, gets framed by Flagg who poisons the wine setting up Peter for his father’s murder. Unbeknownst to Flagg, Thomas has witnessed the entire treachery in a secret passageway that leads to a peephole behind the mounted head of the dragon his father slain.

Thomas becomes king at the age of 12, and because of his inexperience and young age, he allows Flagg to wield much of the power. His brother Peter, on the other hand, is locked up in “the Needle,” the highest tower in the middle of the kingdom.

Peter makes a strange request to the Judge: he asks for his mother’s dollhouse and a napkin with every meal. The Judge grants his peculiar wish and Peter uses the miniature loom in the dollhouse and the thread from the napkins to make a rope.

He escapes and with the help of friends he goes after Flagg to expose him for the demon that he really is.

The Dark Tower connections involve:

King Roland of Delain: The gunslinger Roland Deschain.

Delain: A Kingdom located in Mid-World and spoken of briefly in “Little Sisters of Eluria” as a land of liars.

Flagg: Randall Flagg/Walter O’Dim who was advisor to Roland’s father Stephen Deschain of Gilead.

Thomas and his friend Dennis: They were mentioned as to have met with Roland Deschain in Dark Tower 2: the Drawing of the Three.